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“Cardiff Mysteries” was originally published in paperback in 1996, and attempted to solve a variety puzzles provoked by Edwardian postcards of Cardiff. There was a print run of 2,000. They sold out, and the book is now out of print. The chapter headings of the mysteries were:


  • Why was the figurehead of the Terra Nova in Roath Park and where is it now?
  • What was so special in Cardiff Docks on 26th June 1912? Why was there so much bustle and bunting on a weekday?
  • Can you crack the mystery Cardiff Castle code?
  • What does this mystery memorial commemorate?
  • Was Roath Park really such a generous gift to the people of Cardiff?
  • What were airships doing flying about Cardiff in July 1910?
  • Where was Cardiff’s first museum?
  • Where was Cardiff’s Zoo and what happened to it?
  • Was there a gun in front of the City Hall and what happened to it?
  • What was the “AMC” and what was it doing in Cardiff?
  • Who was the bearded “Grand Chief Templar” and what brought him to Cardiff?
  • Why were 1600 ambulance staff assembled in front of the City Hall in 1910?
  • What is the history of this mystery Mansion House?
  • What was the secret of the Great Mechanical Doll?
  • What was the Scottish Women’s Hospital Movement and what were they doing in Cardiff?
  • Which Cardiff hotel used to be a ship?

The book has been rewritten, bringing items up to date, corrected where necessary, adding in extra pertinent illustrations, postcards colourised where possible. In addition, new chapters have been added with mysteries to be solved:


  • Why was this old man from Cardiff jumping off Plymouth Pier in a gale?
  • Where is the figurehead of HMS Thisbe now, and why was it placed in Roath Park?
  • What and where was the electro-therapeutic and light cure establishment in Cardiff?

“I hope that this new, more voluminous, more colourful edition of Cardiff Mysteries Remastered to open up the eyes of the Millennial generation living in their great city of its secrets from the past.” – CHRIS.





Chris Butler was born in Cardiff in 1950, and was brought up in Llanishen. He attended Ton-yr-Ywen Primary School and Cardiff High School for Boys. After studying Archaeology & Anthropology at Cambridge University he entered the field of market research, followed by political research working for the Conservative Research Department but based in Cardiff. Later he became Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Wales. He served as Conservative MP for Warrington South (1987-92). He wrote and published “Cardiff Mysteries” in 1996. Since then, he stood as a Conservative candidate in the Euro Election in Wales in 1999 and in the Welsh Assembly election in 2016. He currently lives in Kent with his wife and son.