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This interactive website signposts you to “Cardiff Mysteries Remastered” which has now been published both in print and as well as on Amazon Kindle. The new publication is both a detective mystery and local history of Cardiff.


“Cardiff Mysteries” was a new concept itself in local history writing. Most published postcard or photographic local histories feature short descriptions of the images; either that or the images are used to illustrate what are considered to be the major attractions or features of the localities. Cardiff Mysteries takes a different approach to local history. Each postcard is chosen because it represents something intriguing or surprising to the modern eye. The author then seeks to take the reader along the intriguing path with him as he attempts to solve the puzzles that lie behind them. These researches are like archaeological test pits into Cardiff’s Edwardian past.


Cardiff Mysteries Remastered is not just an updating and expansion of the Cardiff Mysteries concept. It is an entirely new endeavour, facilitated by new technology, allowing the reader to become an active participant in the ongoing research, in collaboration with the author, and hopefully each other as well. Cardiff Mysteries Remastered is not simply an online book, fascinating in itself, but also a participative project to enlarge our knowledge of the hive of activity that was Edwardian Cardiff – a “modern Athens” for the then in-crowd.




  • Enjoy the book and its contents.
  • Feel free to suggest corrections or extra material you have researched or unearthed yourself.
  • If you have Cardiff postcards which you feel have a mystery behind them, please send them to me for evaluation.
  • Perhaps you can make some money by suggesting to me postcards of Cardiff, relevant books or historical material relating to Cardiff which you think may interest me. My plan is that the site will become a buying and selling forum for such items, and I hope to advertise good Cardiff items for sale.
  • I have posted up cards which seems to me to have mysteries yet to solve completely. Any help you can give me to solve them will be greatly appreciated and fully acknowledged.


With any luck, this project will develop a momentum of its own, and grow from a publication aimed at a Cardiff readership into a cross-fertilizing forum that will provide interest, discovery and friendship connected with the city we love. Indeed, if you have any ideas about how this project can be turbo-boosted through this website please let me know.